We’ve balanced the latest custom technologies with proven simplicity to bring you the most effective solution for your window cleaning needs.

We have created a custom carbon fibre telescopic device that reaches up to four metres (three storeys) high. This extendable arm pumps purified water to the areas being cleaned, and then has an interchangeable brush attachment on the end. The brush is changed depending on the project, with more delicate materials being cleaned by softer brushes. No scaffolding is needed, and so there is no interruption to your home’s accessibility or your business’ operations.

When it comes to cleaning windows, we are unique in that we only use purified, de-ionised water – no chemicals, detergents or abrasive cleaning agents that could damage your window frames. Purified water, along with causing no damage to window frames, is also much safer to use on older or historic buildings, as soaps and detergents can damage stone and wood. Our methods are clean, safe and effective, with no residue or marks left behind after the cleaning process – because the water we use is purified, all you are left with are crystal-clear, sparkling windows.

In some cases, we can use specialised chemicals for tougher stains on glass. Most commonly, we get requests to remove scale, which requires more intensive cleaning to restore the windows to their natural clarity. Other stains or growths, such as mould or mildew, can also be treated with chemical intervention. Mould and mildew are both very destructive, particularly on wooden window frames, and can even be health hazards if left untreated. Our cleaning interventions can stop mould in its tracks, preserving your windows and their frames for years or decades.

When it comes to aluminium frames, which are becoming increasingly popular, we use a non-corrosive chemical to remove tough stains or marks. Preservation of the frames is priority, because many detergents damage aluminium and cause corrosion. Our treatments are tested and safe for use on aluminium fixtures of all kinds.

With no scratching or abrasive scrubbing, your windows and frames will be restored to their shining best. There’s no better team to bring the life back to your home or office than the Window and Cleaning Crew.