About Us


It’s all about making the right impression: whether it’s your home, office, corporate building or otherwise, having it gleaming is your best defence against looking dull and uninviting.


Since 2005, The Window and Cleaning Crew has been bringing the sparkle back to homes, offices and corporate properties around Gauteng and neighbouring provinces. Our environmentally-friendly and non-harmful cleaning methods guarantee superb results, with our professional teams being efficient and cost-effective.
With more than a decade of experience under our belts, we’ve seen it all: we started out bringing comprehensive window cleaning services to hotels and hospitals, as well as food manufacturing plants which put cleanliness and spotlessness first. The Window and Cleaning Crew has refined the cleaning process to be super-efficient and effective, giving back your view onto the outside world without hassle.
The best thing about the Window and Cleaning Crew is that you get the best of all worlds: it’s convenient, quick, easy, and affordable to bring your buildings back to life with us. We don’t use scaffolding or big, intrusive support structures for projects up to three storeys high; your home life or business operations won’t be interrupted at all with one of our teams there. More about the risks of glass permanently losing its clarity is available on our Technologies page.
Not only does window and window frame cleaning make your home or office look great, it also prevents corrosion by harmful dirt that eats into the surface of glass and frames. It’s all about taking care of what you have; if you look after it, it will last a lifetime. We’re here to help you care for your most valuable asset, to save you costs in the future.
Best of all, our window cleaning methods cost, on average, around half of what our competitors charge – because we don’t use harmful chemicals and detergents that leave residues and streaks, and bring up the cost unnecessarily. We’ve got our practices refined so that we can deliver service that is affordable, convenient and to a standard that is beyond reproach.

We make the difference because we are different!