Welcome to The Window & Cleaning Crew

There are many ways to clean windows, but very few that are non-intrusive, non-harmful and cost half of what the next best method does. The Window and Cleaning Crew has spent more than a decade finding the best way to bring you the best solutions, and we’ve finally got it.

Traditional window cleaning means a van will arrive at your home or office with countless bottles of detergents and chemicals, each one for a specific job. The Window and Cleaning Crew isn’t interested in the unnecessary use of chemical products – we rather focus on developing technology that is effective and simple. As a result, we use nothing but purified, de-ionised water for standard window cleaning projects, with extendable telescopic brushes that reach up to three storeys high. Find out more on our Technologies page.
Sometimes, though, tougher projects come up – scale, mildew, stains and degradation of glass and frames are all problems that we’re still equipped to handle. We have specialised, non-corrosive and environmentally-friendly detergents that we can use if necessary, depending on the problem and the type of frames your windows are in. Our first priority is the protection of your windows and frames, ensuring their longevity.
We send teams to all kinds of buildings for cleaning projects – homes, lifestyle estates, office blocks, office parks, factories, solar panels, agricultural holdings and more. If it isn’t a high-rise, we’ll be there to deliver sterling service that’s quick, convenient and affordable. We use no scaffolding, we cause no interruptions and we usually only need an hour or two, depending on the size of the project. That’s what makes us the best: we arrive, we do the job to your satisfaction and we don’t surprise you with hidden costs.

Contact us to find out more about what we can offer you, how we can save you a whole lot on your cleaning bills and how we can let the light back in!

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